Best Practices In Real Estate Sales

Dated: 03/08/2018

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A great deal of realtor success is based on how good they are with sales and in building the right kind of rapport with the person they are representing regardless of whether this is a seller or buyer. In a competitive market, having strong sales skills is an asset for any real estate agent. However, there is a thin line between ethical selling and unscrupulous coercion. It takes time and experience to become a reliable yet persuasive and successful real estate agent. In essence, a good realtor not only sells the property but also gains client’s trust. Below are some fundamental best practices that every ethical and successful realtor needs to follow:

Know your customer

This may seem obvious, but we want to highlight how important it is to factor is to know your customers. Not just in terms of their name and other details - but to truly know their needs and desires. Take an interest in them as a human being and you will be surprised how quickly clients will open up and tell you what it is that they actually want. Sure, they reached out to you because they want to buy a house but if you take the time to understand them, they just might reveal that what they truly want is to start a family. Such information gives you clues into what kinds of neighbourhoods, properties, amenities they may be paying attention to - this eventually helps you make a sale that both you and your client feel good about!

Be quick to respond

While other realtors may slip in their follow-ups when their plate is full, a master realtor will always stay consistent and quick with their communication. A clients and buyers need quick information in order to make decisions and understand the buying process. A prompt response not only makes the customer feel important, in many cases, it may also ensure that you close a sale that much faster.

Let your product speak for itself

In the case of real-estate, the ‘product’ is the property you are trying to sell. While pitching a particular property and sharing relevant information with your clients, you want to show it in the best possible light without any fabrication. The best way to grab your client’s attention to share pertinent information and highlight desirable features - then stand back and let them ask you questions if they have any. The property you are trying to sell should have enough substance to attract buyers on its own without you having to coerce the client into investing their money. Your job is to present the property in the best possible light while keeping it real!

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