How To Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Dated: 05/16/2018

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Everyone loves their pets. For many pet parents, our pets are just like our babies. Caring for their needs, comfort and safety is essential to maintaining our pet babies’ physical and mental health. Not to forget the fact that we probably also want to make your own life easier so we aren't conducting damage control all the time around the expensive things we have in our homes. In order to make your home pet-friendly,  house you would need to consider your own sense of aesthetics as well as your pets should create a collaboration between things your pet requires in a way that perfectly blends with the decoration of your home. Here are some valuable tips that will help you to craft a living space that your pet enjoys without compromising style.

Consider hard flooring

Pets cannot sit at one place as they keep running in the house on regular basis, so carpeting your floors seems to be a bad idea for pet’s safety. For anyone who owns a pet, the flooring rule is ‘the harder the better’. Using tiles for flooring is a good option as the tiles are virtually scratch proof and also provides a cool space for pet to nap during hot weather.

Hide all electrical cables

The loose cables and lying electronic items in your home can be hazardous for your pet. As they have a tendency to chew or put anything in their mouth, these open cables with electrical power can seriously harm your fur baby . A thick cable protector can be placed over the cable to make it chew proof. Protect your pets from electrical wires by hiding them behind furniture.

Keep human edibles and medications away

Just like children, pets can eat or play with anything that is within their range of reach. Make sure that you keep away all the food items or eatables that are not suitable to your pet. Human edibles or medications can cause an adverse effect on the health of your pet if they eat them when you aren’t around. So keep medicines out of reach to keep your pet safe.

Avoid decorating your home with breakable knick knacks

Pets are amazing companions but can also get extremely excited without prior notice! They run around in your house and play everywhere. Avoid decorating your home with expensive and fragile items because you cannot control your fur babies’ wriggling and crawling and their playtime can send your prized collections tumbling down and breaking - ro worse, harming your pet.

Make your pet feel safe by creating a personal space for them which is well-equipped with food, water, toys and a comfy bed. Often, when your pets have their own space, they tend not to jump into unknown territory.

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