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Dated: 02/06/2018

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The way you decorate your home is the way you will feel inside it! Home should be a place of ultimate peace and comfort. Applying your own creativity to crease a sense of luxury in your home can be both satisfying and fun. Exploring your creative side to develop a quirky, lively and “uniquely you” environment at home can result in a warm, inviting space for you, your family and your friends. Here are a few tried and tested home decoration tips:

Don’t Be Too Theme-y

Your house is not a restaurant or lounge. Refrain from going overboard with your theme. Not every corner of your house needs to match your primary colour. Overdoing i t with the uniformity can not only make your space lack any focal points of visual interest - because most of the colors are the same, it can also make a space look heavy and uninviting. Instead, vary your colour palette tastefully using different shades and add textures to create a curated, artistic feel.

Pretty Up Your Powder Room

We often ignore the tiny rooms and corners of the homes that we do not use frequently.  Unfortunately, the powder room is a space that is especially noticed by your guests! When you take care of your powder room and maintain it well with little design touches like coordinating cloth napkins, accent pieces and apt lighting, it adds a touch of sophistication to your space. Not only will your guests be impressed, you will feel great every time you use the powder room as well. So, channel your inner martha stewart and give this small space its due!

Play with light and color

Instead of making the entire home space all bright or all dark, you might think about adding gradients or a mix of light and dark shades that complement each other. Pay particular attention to how the sunlight or even lighting fixtures hit a particular space or wall and how the space transitions from night into day. Small spaces with fewer windows need lighter, airy colors to make the most of the limited sunlight they recieve. On the other hand, a large sunroom with lots of glass may look lovely with a darker shade on the walls to draw the space together and give it a cozy feel.

No matter what colours, elements and spaces you choose to brighten up and play with in your house, make sure you go with something personal that makes you smile. Above all, your space should reflect beauty, comfort, utility - and your own unique personality!

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