Childproof Your Home With These Home Safety Tips

Dated: 02/06/2018

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The website states that household injuries are a top contributor to small children and infants ending up in the emergency department.

In order to avoid any such accidents and deaths caused by inadvertent safety hazards around your home, parents and caregivers can take simple precautions to ensure that their little ones are safe and sound. Here are a few concrete suggestions to help you childproof your home and keep the children around you safe.

Bolt everything

In addition to posting a safety hazard, unprotected stairwells, doors as well as any obstacles in the environment can also create a nuisance where you are forced to keep telling the child ‘no’ Every two minutes when all they want to do is explore and play. Safe home is the best place for kids to explore their potential and develop their interests. Bolt the doors to any on safe areas as well as hazards like stairwells and install child safety senses where are appropriate so that your children are safe from harm and can play to their little hearts’ content.

Keep kids safe in the kitchen

Anyone who has cared for little children know that kids will always follow you wherever you go, especially if you are doing something interesting like tinkering in the kitchen. The kitchen may be a place where you cook, nurture and feed your children, however, one must always remember that the kitchen can actually be the most hazardous room in the house. Not only are there sharp utensils, there is also a potential fire hazard when you use the microwave or oven. Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and lock away any sharp implements such as knives, herb scissors, mandolins, graters and any other potential hazards.

Clean out forgotten corners

Whether it's your living room, bedroom, bath, backyard or storage area, we all have Knox in the house that catch clutter and forgotten items. Even things like toys can be tripping hazard. Kids are enthusiastic little beings and when it comes to exploring, they can reach almost everywhere when you're not looking. Keep things like blind cords out of reach. In your bathroom, ensure all the medications and the first aid kit or out of the reach of the children. Finally, clean out any quarter containing sharp objects, tiny choking hazard or tripping hazards and put them away safely.

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