Broward County Property Appraiser

Dated: 12/21/2017

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This is an important notice to Galt Mile residents who are concerned about the value of their homes. The electorate has installed a county officer under State law in order to determine property value, gauge tax obligations as well as equity access. This officer, known as the Broward County Property Appraiser determines if a homeowner is eligible to receive statutory exemptions but cannot create exemptions or reduce assessment.

According to state law, municipalities and quasi-governmental institutions like school boards and hospital districts are assigned taxing authority. It is the appraiser’s job to factor in these individual millages and send a comprehensive TRIM (Truth in Millage) Notice to every property owner.

Relevant articles concerning the property appraiser and tax changes will be posted on this page. You can also find information about the yearly Homestead Exemption report, Save Our Homes tax limits as well as either taxation data on the Broward County and Tallahassee pages of the GMCA website.

Note that former State House Representative and Broward County Commissioner Marty Kiar was recently voted in as the new Property Appraiser. Kiar welcomes constituent input and is dedicated to building a transparent, accountable tenure while proactively updating Broward property owners about property value, taxation, and related issues.

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