Hottest Home Gardening Tips Ideas For Summer

Dated: 07/11/2018

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In Florida, every season comes with a different outdoor opportunity. Summer means different things to different gardeners. Summer also brings along more chores such as maintaining your garden. Gardening may be a lot of work, but it can also be rather satisfying. This summer, spruce up your garden with the hottest home gardening tips.

Weed & Mulch

High temperatures quickly dry out soil so removing weeds can reduce competition for the limited moisture and nutrients in the soil. Covering your garden with thick mulch protects from sun and also helps soil retain moisture and nutrients.

Water Your Soil

Soil that is moist provides moisture to your plants and protects roots from the heat. Using irrigation hoses that feed a gentle flow of water directly to the soil surface evenly is one of the best methods of using water conservatively to water your plants. It is necessary for soil moisture to reach up to four inches in depth to ensure your plants are adequately watered.

Watering your plants is essential for successful cultivation. It is recommended to water your garden early in the morning or late evening. Leave a hose dribbling around for some time for larger shrubs and trees. Water your garden regularly to prevent the soil from becoming too dry.

Strategic Shade Shade

Direct sunlight is harmful to your plants and soil. Using a shade cloth is one of the inexpensive way to fix a ‘too much sun problem’. The shade cloth or shade cover should be lightweight and light-colored so it reflects light and does not absorb it.

Pay Attention To Plant Spacing

Avoid planting seeds too close, as plants compete with each other for water, sunlight and nutrients. Remove any spindly plants that have been over-seeded or are too close to each other. There should be good air circulation between plants as it reduces insects and disease problems.

Maintaining your garden during the hottest months is no easy task but if you do it right, you will be able to ensure a beautiful garden all summer long and a shorter list of gardening chores for the fall.

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